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On-site Fabrication Facilities

Pipe Fabrication

Cullum Constructors, Inc. maintains and operates a state-of-the-art pipe fabrication facility at its Pacific Street location in North Charleston, South Carolina. By centralizing fabrication operations for numerous decentralized projects, economies are gained for all clients through reduced man-hours, greater quality control and mechanical projects completed on time, every time.







Sheet Metal Fabrication

Cullum Constructors, Inc. offers its clients the most advanced sheet metal fabrication facility in North Charleston, South Carolina. The sheet metal fabrication shop, located at its Azalea Avenue  facility, has the capability to handle small jobs as well as large fabrication projects. The fabrication process is enhanced by the use of the coil line. Cullum Constructors, Inc. sheet metal shop also has the capability of cutting a variety of shapes with a computer driven plasma-arc cutting machine. The use of this machine keeps metal waste to a minimum. This sheet metal fabrication process adds consistency while expediting all projects on time, every time.

Cullum offers complete mechanical construction services, including continuing maintenance and service, process piping fabrication specialists. Cullum's sites include 3.9 total acres of storage with 14,000 square feet of fabrication and warehouse facilities.



Before construction begins, Cullum's pre-construction services include assistance in budget preparation, cost analysis, value engineering, scheduling, construction analysis, and operational efficiency. At Cullum Constructors, Inc., projects are managed by a key management team which has many years of combined experience, training, and expertise which they bring to Owners, Developers, and General Contractors, in design-build, negotiated, or plan and specification projects. Cullum Constructors, Inc.,. brings quality to every construction project of which it is a part. The integration of experience and skills with up-to-date tools and technology aid Cullum Constructors, Inc., 's sheet metal mechanics, plumbers and pipe fitters in providing the highest quality product at the most competitive price.


To date, Cullum Constructors, Inc., 's construction experience ranges from the smallest projects to a $22 million project. Planning is key to the success of each project. From pre-construction meetings with vendors and subcontractors to final closeout reviews by the owner, details and scheduling are emphasized. Interstate uses support from Quickpen estimating software, Maxwell Accounting, and Primavera Project Management Systems to ensure thoroughness.

Each and every construction crew is led by an on site sheet metal and plumbing foreman who is highly trained in safety and quality management. Our plumbing and piping and sheet metal superintendents, in addition to an experienced project manager, whose attention to detail produces cost and quality control, manages each and every project.

Cullum Constructors, Inc., performs all phases of Division 15 (22 & 23). Cullum Constructors, Inc., 's staff performs 92% of its work on an annual basis. Insulation Test & Balance and Control work are subcontracted.