Cullum Constructors, Inc. welcomes the opportunity from qualified subcontractors and suppliers to be part of our project teams. To become part of our database of potential bidders, please send a letter on company stationery that describes the following:

This information should be mailed to:

Cullum Constructors, Inc:
3325 Pacific Street
North Charleston, SC 29418
Cullum Constructors, Inc:
PO Box 40368
Charleston, SC 29423-0368

For more information about subcontracting opportunities, please call the Estimating Department in the Charleston Office:

Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Participation

  Cullum Constructors, Inc. strives  to provide maximum opportunity to small businesses, woman owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, and minority owned business enterprises to participate in contract work at all levels.   Cullum Constructors, Inc. requests participation from all qualified business sources.

If you are a certified minority, woman, or disabled veteran-owned business, or small business enterprise that is interested in bidding on our projects, please contact our corporate offices. Cullum Constructors, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Forward a copy of your certifications, and any additional company literature to the Charleston office.

For more information about Equal Employment Opportunity and Participation, please call our corporate offices at: