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Congratulations to the Medical University of South Carolina

Congratulations to the Medical University of South Carolina for being ranked top hospital is South Carolina for the 3rd year! Cullum first worked for MUSC in September of 1972, performing a heating and air conditioning addition for the hospital. Cullum is proud to report it is still working for this great organization 45 years later. Customers like MUSC make this company great.

The Medical University of South Carolina Health was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the best hospital in South Carolina for the third consecutive year. MUSC also ranked No. 11 nationally for ear, nose and throat care. U.S. News uses readmission rates, volume, patient experience, patient safety and quality of nursing, among other care-related indicators, to determine the rankings. The magazine surveyed 4,500 hospitals for its 28th annual rankings.

Annual Cullum Family Outing Reaches New Heights

Cullum’s 33rd Annual Family Outing at Wannamaker County Park was an  incredible event. It was an opportunity for the Cullum team to rest, relax and  enjoy festivities together, though several ongoing projects required the employees working on them to miss the outing. Their sacrifices are appreciated  because such diligence and commitment is what makes Cullum great.

The outing was filled with entertaining things to do, including a 30 foot climbing wall that elevated the fun to a new level. A face painter was a colorful addition and it was amusing to see the children with their artwork. Jeff  Throne and Chris Cullum won the annual Cornhole tournament for the second year in a row. Ribs grilled by Southern Que-N-Stew were applauded by all.  The 250 team members in attendance played games, ate food and enjoyed each other’s company.  Cullum extends its gratitude to all who contribute to this family-oriented team and we look forward to another year together!

Multiple HVAC Units Replaced at Red Bank Crossing – Columbia SC

Lexington County operates dozens of buildings throughout several municipalities.  The local CSI branch maintains a solid relationship with the County and its Building Services division. Cullum Services, Inc. was tasked with replacing seven HVAC packaged units and one split system in a single day.  The crane arrived early and all the packaged units were set by lunch time.  The split system proved the biggest challenge since it was located above a grid ceiling in a café that couldn’t be accessed until after 3 p.m.  Nonetheless, the CSI team embraced the challenge with team members Chris Furstenberg, James Smith, Kenneth Frick, Timmy Davis, Eben Thomas, George Jones, and Kevin Teets completing another project to the County’s satisfaction.

Rooftop Packaged System

Cullum Conditions AHT Cooling USA in Ladson, SC

AHT Cooling USA has locations on four continents.  It provides refrigeration solutions to major retailers everywhere.  (Think large coolers holding food and drinks in your grocery stores and gas stations.)  Cullum was hired by general contractor Charles Blanchard Construction Corp. to provide the air conditioning for the new, 150,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility located in Palmetto Commerce Park.  The original scope of work encompassed heating and air with seven rooftop units and an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) and associated duct work.  Once on site, a change was issued to include a makeup air unit that supplies 100% outside air to the assembly line and a large propane exhaust system.  Hard work and dedication pay off on this cool conquest.




Charleston Services Renovates 3950 Faber Place – Adds Three Liebert Precision Cooling Systems

3950 Faber Place is home to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Second floor renovations were recently renovated to house a new tenant, the  Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  As you might expect, onsite security is tight and a cleared escort is required.  Lonnie Seegers is overseeing the renovation of this 9,100 square foot space that includes installation of three new Liebert precision cooling systems, multiple variable air volume (VAV) boxes, and associated ductwork and grilles.  Walls are reinforced with steel and bars are placed in duct for added security.  Michael Miller, Mason Ryan, Jonathan Hunt, Dansa Chisolm, Patrick Spigner, Danny Moore, Jimbo Evans, and Robert Clark round out the Cullum Services, Inc. team.


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