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Data & Clean Rooms

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Cullum Services, Inc. offers specialized HVAC services for data rooms and other specialty areas that have sensitive equipment. We work with all types of HVAC systems. Cullum Services has successfully completed and met all of the qualifcations to be a certified contractor member with the Liebert Service Partner Network (LSPN). A LSPN contractor with Liebert is the highest level of certification available. Emerson Network Power and Liebert rely heavily on the certified LSPN contractors to service and maintain the Liebert precision cooling systems. Precision Cooling systems are designed to protect sensitive electronics from environmental hazards such as heat, humidity and dust. Click here to see copy of LSPN confirmation letter.


data roomKeeping your data rooms cool can require more energy than running the actual electronics. That is why it is important to choose the right equipment and professional service company to provide and install your equipment. Through our training and experience we can develop cooling system recommendations and maintenance plans, that are both cost and energy efficient, to keep your electronic systems safe.




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