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Cullum Replaces Boilers at Clemson (CETL)

Peerless Boiler Replacement – In 1996, Clemson Engineering Technologies Laboratory  CETL was built as a premier radioactive and mixed waste technology development and demonstration laboratory and is used for various research under Clemson’s DHEC license.  The Greenville branch of Cullum Services, Inc. recently completed a boiler replacement to upgrade the aging hot water heating system.  The project consisted of changing out two Peerless cast iron boilers, replacing and insulating the hot water line and flue pipe, and updating electrical service and system controls.  Foreman Todd Allison’s installation crew consisted of Brandon Reeves, Matt Reeves, Corey Downs, Jason Nantz, and John Odell.  The project was managed by Esteban Uzarraga and Robert Knight.

CETL_4_HVAC_Clemson_Cullum_Repairs CETL_3_CUllum_HVAC_Commercial_Service_Boiler_Clemson CETl_2_Cullum_Chiller_Replacement_Clemson_SC CETL_1_Cullum_Services_Chiller_Replcement

Offsite HVAC & Plumbing Fabrication


Cullum Constructors, Inc. Off-Site and Ahead of Schedule :

Cullum Constructors, Inc (CCI) is currently faced with an extremely tight schedule for work in a new office building consisting of the fabrication and installation of plumbing and HVAC. Team members must pass multiple security checkpoints with close inspection of all materials, tools and equipment being brought on site.  To manage these hurdles and the schedule, Cullum is utilizing offsite pre-fabrication to get a head start on the work and reduce the onsite installation process and expedite both material and manpower logistics.  Pictured are some of the underground plumbing and gang bathroom rough-ins that have been pre-fabricated in the shop.  The team consisted of Mike Todd, Archie Horne, Rick Johnson, William (BJ) Moseley,  Eddie Folberth, Shawn O’Brien, Skip Infinger, Sean Steburg and Leanue Thompkins.  Well done!!!